Things that need to be avoided so that eye health is maintained

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6. Alcohol

Consuming alcohol in excess of reasonable bats can also be bad for eye health. Doing so can cause problems with vision and overall eye health. The effects of excessive alcohol consumption include decreased visual performance, slowed pupil reaction, frequent migraines, eye redness, and decreased contrast sensitivity.

7. Unhealthy diet

If you are following an unhealthy diet, your body will not get essential nutrients, including for the eyes. This condition makes you more susceptible to eye disease. Vitamin A deficiency can cause blindness, difficulty seeing at night, and dry eyes. Not only that, lack of other vitamins such as vitamin B12 can also cause blurred vision.

8. Using a computer

Today’s computer has become a necessity, both for work and for studying. But the problem is that we don’t know the limits of the body’s ability to move in front of it. Every day, we look at the computer screen for more than 5-6 hours and sometimes don’t give the eyes a break. Even without realizing it, during work we even forget to blink. Things like this cause eye strain, eye fatigue, irritation, lack of sensitivity to light, eye irritation, and double vision.

That’s a little information about healthy eye tips. Do a good routine and keep your eyes healthy so that life becomes brighter. If you have comments and suggestions, feel free to leave your comments below.

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