Activities and foods that contain vitamins for maximum healthy skin

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Good food for healthy skin, maintaining clean facial skin and health is of course the obligation of all of us, both men and women.

If we want to have healthy skin, a bright, white and clean face and not experience problems such as blackheads or pimples and dark spots, then how do we treat them?

Of course, by doing various facial treatments. But on this occasion I will not discuss it because we will discuss starting from the basics first.

Starting in terms of maintaining our diet to maintain health skin, especially facial skin.

Many people have done facial treatments but the results are 0 alias meaningless, it could be because of a poor lifestyle, especially from food, it’s useless if you do a face mask every night if you eat nuts and fried foods. every day, because those 2 foods are certainly not.

good for facial skin health, now on this occasion I will share several types of food for healthy skin and good for maintaining the health of our facial skin so that it remains health and clean white and naturally bright and easy.

1. Fish

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of course fish is a good food because it contains lots of omega 3 fatty acids, which can help the skin fight the effects of damage caused by ultraviolet radiation on the face and is also a source of protein with very low levels of fat and protein.

2. Carrot

Like tomatoes, carrots are not only effective in supplying vitamin A for eye health, but also good for maintaining the health of our skin, this is due to the presence of nutrients such as vitamins A and C and potassium found in carrots which can help maintain healthy facial skin. Vitamins for health skin are needed quite a lot to look good every day.

3. Avocado

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Avocado is a food for health skin. In addition, avocado fruit is also one of the most delicious fruits, avocado, well, besides being delicious, it turns out that alupcate fruit is very effective for maintaining healthy skin. This is because the fat content contained in avocado can keep your facial skin moisturized to keep it moist which is certainly very good for maintaining healthy skin.

4. Green tea for healthy skin

green tea for healthy skin
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Green tea drinks are highly recommended for those of you who want to maintain the health of facial skin, because this green tea contains polyphenol antioxidants that can maintain and provide more protection for your facial skin, try starting now to be diligent in consuming green tea regularly. to get the maximum benefit.

Those are some tips from about how to maintain healthy skin, foods for healthy skin and some foods that have vitamins for healthy skin.

Also consider the benefits of fruit salad for our health. Thankyou .

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