The right way to cleaning eyeglass and eyeglass frames

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It is important to cleaning eyeglass and eyeglass frames in order to stay comfortable when wearing glasses when relaxing or when we at work.

Eyeglass are an important tool for people who have minus eyes, plus eyes or others. The eyeglass lenses used have different levels depending on the user.

Eyes play an important role in human life because 83 percent of the information a person gets every day comes from the eye. But with age or bad behavior towards the eyes sometimes make the ability to see so decrease.To help vision, glasses are the choice.

However, for those of you who have used minus, plus glasses, did you know that the cleanliness of the glasses needs attention? How to clean glasses, of course, should not be arbitrary. The reason is, glasses that are in clean condition can help users see well, thereby preventing the risk of scratches on the lens.

It is time to abandon the habit of how to clean eyeglass lenses by exhaling or rubbing eyeglass lenses onto the surface of the clothes you are wearing. Because, how to clean these glasses will only damage the eyeglass lenses.


So far, people often clean glasses by exhaling, followed by wiping the surface of the lens with a cloth. Usually, the edge of the shirt is selected. In fact, how to clean the eyeglass lenses can actually make the lenses scratched by the dust on the surface of the cloth.
In addition, the edges of clothes are also prone to getting dirty and become a place for dust to stick. Therefore, here is the right way to clean your own eyeglass lenses so that the lenses are not easily scratched:

1. Wash your hands with soap first

One way to clean the right glasses is to make sure your hands are clean. Even if you’re in a rush, an equally important way to clean your glasses is to make sure your hands are clean first. This means that before cleaning glasses, first clean your hands from dirt, dust, lotion, oil, or anything that can move to the lenses of the glasses.

2. Rinse the eyeglass lenses under running water

Cleaning the glasses when they are dry will only make the residue on the lens surface scratched even further. To get rid of scratches on lenses, a proper and much safer way to clean glasses is to place them under running water.
Rinse the eyeglass lenses under running water. Avoid rinsing the glasses with water that is too hot as this can damage the surface of the glasses. Rinse the lenses with water without scrubbing them. This method of cleaning the glasses aims to rinse the fine dust that is on the surface of the lens.
Adjust how much water flows through your glasses. If the right and left lenses of your glasses have been evenly exposed to water, it means that they are ready for cleaning to the next stage.

3. Use dish soap or a special eyeglass cleaner

The essence of how to clean the right glasses is at this point. You can spray a large amount of eyeglass cleaner onto both surfaces of the lens evenly. If eyeglass cleaner is not available, you can clean glasses in a quite unique way, namely by using dish soap.
After wetting your eyeglass lenses under running water, pour a small amount of dish soap on your fingertips as the next way to clean your eyeglass lenses. Then, spread the soap over the entire surface of the two eyeglass lenses.

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