The right way to cleaning eyeglass and eyeglass frames

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4. Clean the eyeglass lenses and other parts

How to clean glasses don’t just focus on the lens alone. Make sure you also clean other parts of the glasses, such as nose pads, eyeglass frames or frames, and the pads behind the ears.
This is because all parts of the glasses are susceptible to dust, dirt, oil and sweat, so they need to be cleaned thoroughly. Also pay attention to the part of the glasses that has a difficult angle to reach. This is because in these areas there is usually a buildup of dust, dirt and oil.

5. Rinse the eyeglass lenses again under running water

When the previous step is complete, immediately rinse the lenses and other parts again under warm running water. Make sure that no soap lather is left on the lens.

6. Gently shake the glasses

How to clean glasses ends by shaking the glasses slowly. This step aims to reduce the amount of water still in the eyeglass lenses. Then, point the eyeglass lenses towards the light to ensure the cleanliness of the lenses. If there are still stains or dirt remaining, repeat the steps for cleaning the eyeglass lenses above.

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7. Dry the eyeglass lenses

If your eyeglass lenses are clean, you can start drying them with a soft cotton cloth or if you don’t have them, you can also use a clean, soft tissue.

It’s no exaggeration to say that glasses are the most important thing to help someone’s vision. If the way to clean the eyeglass lens is not right, it is not impossible that scratches on the lens will accumulate and interfere with someone’s vision.
So, instead of rushing to clean your glasses by rubbing them on your clothes, it’s better to spend more time on how to clean your glasses properly and thoroughly. The more precise how to clean the glasses you apply, the more durable the glasses you use.


If you are busy so you can’t clean your glasses, you can also visit the nearest optical shop near you. There is no harm in you also bring to the nearest optic to you, because in ordinary optics offers thorough cleaning. Starting from eyeglass lenses and eyeglass frames.

Optical glasses certainly have much more complete and safer equipment for cleaning eyeglass lenses and other eyeglass parts. Generally, your glasses will be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner so that all parts of the glasses are well accessible.

Those are the few tips that can give you. Also check out our article on how to stay healthy before extreme weather. If there are criticisms and input, please leave your comments below. Thank you.

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