The impact of excessive stress between men and women

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Lots of information about the impact of stress experienced. Do you know the impact of stress on men and women is different? Seen from gender alone, it is certain to have different levels, because men tend to use logic, while women tend to use feelings.

This is known to have an impact on a person’s health, including the heart. However, the effects of stress on the heart differ between men and women, because women are at risk for heart problems due to stress.

A recent study shows that the mental stress experienced by women puts them at greater risk of having a heart attack than men. The results showed that during periods of mental stress, blood flow to the heart in men increased. However, in female sex, this condition may not be seen directly.

Researchers from Penn State College of Medicine measured heart rate, blood pressure and blood flow to the heart in 17 healthy adult men and women. Measurements were taken at rest and while doing the counting test for 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, to increase the level, the researcher encouraged participants to hurry up and tell the researcher which answers were right and which were wrong.
At rest, the circulating blood flow in men and women shows some differences. And, during the numeracy task, all of the participants showed an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. In this condition, male participants showed an increase in coronary blood flow, but this increase was not experienced by female participants.

Researchers concluded that women are more prone to heart problems when under stress than men. The findings will be presented this week at the Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego, California.

In his research, researchers involved 17 healthy men and women. Participants’ blood pressure and heart rate were measured at rest and during mental stress. The researchers used ultrasound scans to measure the participants’ blood flow to the coronary arteries, which are blood vessels that carry blood to heart tissue.

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