Maintain a pattern of life to get smooth skin

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Maintain a pattern of life to get smooth skin
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Smooth Skin – Talking about skin, facial skin is usually the main focus of many people. Even so, never forget the health of the body’s skin too, huh!

Talking about skin, facial skin is usually the main focus of many people. Even so, never forget the health of the body’s skin too!

In fact, who doesn’t want to have smooth skin ? With routine and maximum care, you can also make your body skin healthier, brighter, and skin still smooth.

1. Avoid bathing with hot water, take a shower with cold water

If you want to have clean, shiny skin, the solution is to take a cold shower. A cold shower can temporarily constrict the blood vessels in the skin thereby narrowing pores and reducing redness of the skin.

Closing pores can also prevent dirt from entering easily. Dirt is the main cause of dull skin. Skin that is always clean of dirt will make you look whiter and brighter.

2. Scrub the skin before bathing

Scrubbing the skin before showering is a simple way to whiten dull skin. This process will remove the layer of dead skin cells. The skin can regenerate and the top layer is always filled with new healthy cells.

Use a scrubbing brush made of natural fibers. Choose a brush with a long handle that reaches the entire body. After that, follow these steps:

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Start rubbing from the soles of your feet, then move up
Rub the skin in a wide circular motion clockwise
Rub gently on thin skin and apply a little pressure on thicker skin such as the soles of the feet
After scrubbing all parts of your feet, rub your arms all the way up to your armpits

3. Routinely exfoliate the body’s skin on a regular basis

Basically, the skin can naturally shed dead skin cells to make room for new cells every 28 days or so. However, sometimes the dead cells can’t be shed completely, causing the skin to become dry, scaly, and clogged pores.

Therefore, exfoliation is needed to prevent various skin problems. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, exfoliating can make skin appear brighter.

For that, use a body scrub one to two times a week to exfoliate dead skin. Body scrubs with natural ingredients such as apricots and olives are proven to be good for the skin.

4. Use body lotion regularly

Body lotion does have many benefits for skin health. One of them is believed to soften the skin in areas of the body that have a coarser and thicker type, for example the elbows and knees.

By applying body lotion every day, the rough skin on the elbows and knees will feel softer. Not only that, body lotion can also make body skins shine brighter, because body lotion can give a light effect to the skin.

Some types of body lotion can even lighten the skin instantly. That way, the skin looks fresher and brighter.

5. Do not miss using sunscreen

There are many reasons why you are encouraged to use sunscreen to maintain healthy skin. The reason is, all types of UV radiation have the potential to damage the skin.

UVA rays, which contribute 95 percent of the radiation to the earth’s surface, can cause wrinkles, sun spots and other types of premature aging. Meanwhile, exposure to UVB rays can affect the top layer of the skin causing skin cancer and sunburn.

If you want to have healthy skin until old age, it is mandatory for you to apply sunscreen, both outdoors and indoors.

The final word

5 tips for maintaining a pattern of life to get smooth skin. You can do it regularly in order to get maximum results. Check out our other articles, thank you for the end.

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