The importance of Medical Check Up for healthy body

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Medical Check Up
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Medical Check Up is very beneficial for health body, why? because with Medical Check Up we can find out our current health level.

Did you know that one way to maintain a healthy body is to do regular Medical Check Up (MCU)? The MCU is a comprehensive health examination performed to detect early symptoms or risk factors for disease in the body so that anticipatory steps can be taken before the disease appears and develops.

Currently the MCU has become part of the healthy lifestyle of the community because not a few realize that by carrying out routine and comprehensive health checks, many benefits are obtained, not only for themselves but also for their families and workplaces.

Of course, being healthy and happy is the hope of everyone, including you and your family. Then schedule your MCU, your family, and your employees, and be a happy and healthy person!

Preparation for Medical Check Up
Before undergoing the MCU, prepare yourself as best you can for maximum results. Here are the preparations you must do for a healthy body :

1. Fasting for 8-12 hours before the MCU laboratory examination the next morning. During fasting, you are allowed to drink water as needed.

On the night before checking:
It’s best to avoid foods that contain fat at dinner *
If you have diabetes, you can still eat the snacks you usually eat before bed

In the morning before checking:
You are still fasting and are still allowed to drink water as needed.
If you have diabetes, delay taking diabetes medications or taking insulin until the initial check-up is over. If you experience hypoglycemia, treat it immediately by consuming sugar.
(*) foods that contain fat, such as: butter, margarine, cream, milk, ice cream, oil, salad dressings, broths, fatty meats and fried foods.

2. While undergoing MCU for healthy body

You are allowed to take medication that is routinely consumed according to the prescription given by the doctor. But it does not include sedatives, sleeping pills or the like. When you come to the hospital and will register, bring the drug or write down the name of the drug, the dosage and the rules for using the drug according to the recommended prescription.

3. For examination of feces and urine:

Sampling can be done in the morning during the MCU at your nearest hospital.
Samples can be brought from home and collected in the morning up to 2 hours before the examination.
The feces storage container can be collected 1 day in advance in the laboratory section of the hospital.
However, if you can’t come 1 day early to collect the container, you can use a plastic container or plastic bag that is clean and tightly closed.
For women who are menstruating, the urine test can be postponed for up to 3 days after clearing menstruation.

Tips for taking urine samples:

  • Prepare a container to collect urine
  • Wash your hands using soap then dry your hands. Can use towel or tissue (this is useful for avoiding viruses and germs that exist)
  • Clean your genitals thoroughly using soap and water.
  • Then you can start to urinate
  • Take the middle part when you urinate (for example there are 3 parts, namely the beginning, middle and end, you take the middle part when you urinate).
  • Collect the urine sample in the container provided.
  • Then wash your hands using soap and dry your hands.
  • Finally, close the container to collect the urine earlier tightly.

That is one of the tips for maintaining a healthy body through Medical Check Up (MCU). Check out a variety of other healthy tips, ranging from healthy foods, types of healthy fruit and others. Thank you .

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