Six Tips on How to Choose Health Insurance

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tips for choosing health insurance
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4. Terms of Hospitalization

Initially, I thought that whenever I was hospitalized I could file a claim with insurance. In fact, not.
There are conditions – conditions. Insurance companies set rules regarding hospitalization, as follows:

Hospitalization must be carried out in a hospital. This means that if you are admitted to a clinic, the insurance company will not replace it. Make sure with the insurance, what is meant by the hospital. How long is the hospitalization is a requirement.

There are those who stipulate that 1 day of hospitalization can be claimed, but there are also those who require a minimum of 2 days of hospitalization.

Some are only in the ER (no need to enter the room first) for at least a few hours, it can be claimed because it is included in the inpatient category. This requirement must be considered when choosing. Check with the agent about these hospitalization conditions.

5. Family health insurance

For those who are married, health insurance is definitely for more than one person. For example, I proposed three family members – parent and child.

The question is, is it necessary to buy several policies for each member, or is it enough to buy one policy for all family members? What is the difference?

Buying one policy is cheaper than buying multiple policies for one family.

This is because health insurance, especially unit-linked, is a rider (additional insurance) from its main insurance, namely life insurance. By buying a separate policy, it means that all family members have to buy. Although it is possible not all family members need it (for example, only the main breadwinner who needs it, the child or wife / husband does not need it).

Therefore, you should look for health insurance that can cover one policy for one family. There is? There is. I already took it.

6. Doubles – Claims

With the government’s initiative to launch a national health insurance program, almost everyone now has that insurance. Even so, many are not satisfied with these health facilities and want to buy these facilities elsewhere.

On the other hand, the hospital only issues one original receipt. If so, a threatened claim cannot be made against that additional insurance.

Even if you currently only have one insurance coverage, you should anticipate that it is always possible to have other health insurance coverage. Therefore, choose insurance that can accept multiple claims.

That’s a little information can provide. Also check out our article about activities and food that are good for our health and our families. If there are suggestions and input, please leave your comments below. Thank you.

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