The benefits of breastmilk for babies that have high vitamins and nutrients

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benefits of breastmilk for babies

Breastmilk is the main and only food for babies who cannot digest solid foods and is proven to contain the nutrients the baby needs. Therefore, replacing breast milk with plain water or other types of milk such as cow’s milk is certainly not appropriate. The reason is, the benefits of breastmilk cannot be replaced.

Breastmilk (ASI) is the best food for babies. Therefore, as much as possible mothers should provide breast milk for their babies. Moreover, according to recent research, cow’s milk is not suitable for babies because of its inadequate nutritional content.

A study in India states that cow’s milk cannot replace breast milk because of its insufficient nutritional content. The benefits of breastmilk are much better than cow’s milk.

“Cow’s milk actually prevents babies from getting proper nutrition because its very high protein content is incompatible with the kidneys of immature babies,” said Debnath Chaudhuri, head of Biochemistry and Nutrition, All-India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health.

He advised mothers who for some reason cannot provide breast milk to consult a doctor to find a safe alternative to cow’s milk.

A similar sentiment was expressed by B Sesikaran as Director of the National Nutrition Institute. According to him, cow’s milk contains only a few nutrients and is also low in iron content.

“Cow feeding is an unsafe practice in a modern context where antibiotics and pesticides are detected at high levels in cow’s milk,” he said.

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