The benefits of water guava fruit that we need to know

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water guava fruit

Maintain healthy teeth and gums

Vitamin C is also contained in water guava fruit, its content is almost equivalent to mandarin oranges. Vitamin C can be used for skin beauty, besides that it is also an antioxidant which functions to maintain cells in the body, facilitate digestion and increase the absorption of iron intake.

The content of vitamin C on this fruit is also useful for maintaining and maintaining healthy teeth and gums and maintaining healthy capillary vessels. Not only that, water guava can also prevent canker sores.

Maintain the health of pregnant women

Water guava is a fruit that pregnant women need because it is rich in vitamins, high water content and nutritional adequacy levels can be met in this water guava. With a minimum of 1 kg of water guava every day can help intake of vitamin A in the body of pregnant women.

To beautify the skin

With the large amount of vitamin A and vitamin C in water guava, it is very nutritious to beautify the skin.
Lack of water guava fruit.

Even though it has many nutrients, properties and benefits, water guava still has its drawbacks. Water guava is classified as a perishable fruit due to its high water content. Freshly rotten water guava is difficult to identify because the first to rot is on the inside. So be careful when you want to buy it!

To know that guava is still in good condition, you have to split it, even though the appearance is still good, sometimes it has a caterpillar inside. So it’s better to wash it before consumption.

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