Women Seeking Men ? Understand This!

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woman seeking men
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Women seeking men – A good man will find it difficult to find the woman of his dreams. Have you ever heard such an opinion? If not, know that this assumption is not entirely wrong.

Thus, many men are starting to consider leaving the label as a ‘good man’. They don’t want to ‘be good’ let alone ‘too good’, especially during the mate-searching process.

Women seeking men must looking this

Basically, the women out there are used to looking for a nice guy just because they’re on a good behavior at the time. Women claim to be good so that the man is also interested in them.

Get Rid of Good Traits to Confidence

Launching The Good Men Project, some women who claim that they don’t want to date good men are avoiding men who lack self-confidence. Yes, you are difficult to take him if you do not have the courage to take action.
Why pretend to be nice to women during the approach process, if in the end you become a man who feels inferior and can’t show who you really are?


Don’t try so hard to be seen as a nice guy during the approach. Because the level of ‘goodness’ of a man tends to be unstable. Once a woman finds out you’re just faking it, she’s guaranteed to run away.

You who are confident enough, must also be resilient. If you haven’t found a woman that fits your type, be patient and keep looking. Don’t worry about being rejected.

Try to be Right, Not Just Good – Women seeking men

Mortal kindness makes you a total failure. Because good is not necessarily true. Men can act right in all situations, he will be much easier to attract women.

A number of studies from experts also prove, women tend to be more attracted to men who have a statement that every action is right.

If you are already pretending to be good, what should you do? There are two ways. First, just let it flow until at some point he realizes your attitude. Or, you say the truth while looking at the response of him.

The point is, stay away from any attempt to be too good a man for the sake of women. Change should be based on your own desires, not someone else’s. Unless you want a woman to say “You’re too good for me” to you

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